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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2013 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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immediately worth $300, and they are available for $500. for each one of those reports people get smacked to the face or knocked to the ground. we hope manufactures and carriers can do something, we were told they were working on it and we actually learned that in another country they already have those devices. so i was going to talk to the commission, we should schedule this for a follow up where we send a letter to the cellphone manufactures and carrier as a commission saying it's putting our public at risk and wonder if we can calendar that for that purpose. and second in our lies -- liaison for the community, i received number of complaints about the number of people we see on the street with mental health issues. i see people nodding their heads.
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if you just walk down market street, it seems like the numbers have increased. seems like our officers are the ones dealing with these people who have mental health issues and are in crisis. i wonder if we can calendar, kelly dunne, to give us some ideas are there more people with mental illnesses coming here to san francisco. and why? what are these people doing in our city without people coming to help. i was hoping we can schedule that in the second week of may, is that possible? >> yes. just to sterol down market street and within ten minutes you see five people in crisis and unfortunately i have heard about some crimes that
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were clearly committed by people in crisis. >> i think that is a great idea and that links to a crime intervention training. the next training is on april 15th, 18th for officers, the class is about 28 officers and it's going to be at the arboretum in golden gate park. they are donating that space to the department to use. it's a little bit different. the different types of scenarios that officers face. it's a continual improvement. that will be the first time they are presenting it in this format where the role play is really emphasized. you are welcome to attend. the logistics will be did send to the commissioner to share with you. the best day to go is thursday on the april 18
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because that's their graduation and i'm sure the chief is always there company congratulate them. cit has been our way of partnering with the mental health community because this issue is not just a police department, it's a community issue and trying to make it they are accessible as possible so when there is that communication, that follow up and increases in speed when that happens. i know there is a lot of work to be done there but that's a good place to present it at that intersection at that partnership. so perhaps when she presents, we should also again get an update. i know it's commander who was
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supervising that work. >> are we seeing people with more mental health issues because of prison realignment and are people just dumping them here. what are mental health professionals doing. i saw the same person a year ago laying in the middle lan of traffic on bush street wrapped in a towel and as i went back around the block the chief was bringing him back to the hospital and the doctors released him and they told him it's time to return this to the library. we need to see what they are doing. our officers are police officers. we are trained in mental health counseling where there are crisis intervention but they are not psychologist. we need more mental health republican -- help from the community.
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>> i met with sergeant kim who was the liaison for the patrol special and allen buyer who the the president of the patrol and we went through all the compliance measures of what has been done yet and he's become working very hard and explaining to me in a memo and suggesting next steps. i found his suggestions really helpful. so what i asked is for him to summarize that further and to send a notice to all the patrol specials letting them know what they need to send us and a lot of dates are over due. that it's in writing that if they don't do it and they let us know what they didn't do and it's up to the commission to decide what they are going to
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do if they are not complying. i asked for that date to be to be may 1st. looks like that day works for the commission cal dafrm -- it will be may 1st before we get this report back. i'm going to make it quarterly before we can get a handle on this >> on april 3rd, the subgroup commissioners that are considering the chief proposal for the introduction of a segment of the population that will make a report not recommendations, i want to be clear, we are not putting forth a recommendation on april 3rd, it's a process of where we will take the review of the materials and for the full commission to consider that
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proposal. that will be done on april 3rd because there is a great deal of public interest, i'm asking the commission secretary to noet that on subletter e, the public is dully notified. >> great. i think we have concluded with reports and announcements. we usually ask for public comments. you can wait until you hear from captain mowser. we are going to call line item no. 3. >> captain mowser inform address the conditions of the district. president
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, members of the public. welcome to the district. it's our pleasure to host tonight's meeting. i want to give a special thanks to everett middle school for hosting us tonight and providing this beautiful auditorium which really evocation this mission. the mission is a rich district. it has 91,000 residents and covers 200 square miles. by the
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very distinct neighborhoods of the castro, valley and the mission. the mission has become a major tourist destination as visitors flock to the areas for nightlife, parks and restaurants for many cultural events. next slide. the mission district comprised of 6 patrol covering those areas including the boundaries of port row on the eastern border. within those 6 patrol sectors we have 5 beats. our 41 as you can see services the area of castro and market street corridor, 42 services the area of upper 24th street, 43 services the area of
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mission, 44 lower area of 24th street and 45 services the area en encompassing the area of mission. the mission has a total of 18 parks. the largest of which of course is dolores park. it's not uncommon on a weekend to find thousands of visitors who join the park on a given weekend and is home to numerous events throughout the year. also within the mission we have 19 public schools and 14 private schools. we interact with these schools in various basis primarily through our school resource officers we also interact through school safety programs throughout the year. the next slide you are seeing is our summary chart of
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officers. the mission station has a total of 152 sworn personnel assigned to it. of those 123 are officers. what you are seeing is a breakdown of our personnel and the mission and includes investigation teams, members of the captain staff within the various watches. we have various assignments including school resource officers, we have traffic control officers, homeless outreach officers, gang intervention officers, plainclothes officers as well as recruits that are assigned to mission station as we are a major training station for the city. the next slide is a breakdown of our calls for service for last year. the top graph shows priorities and repriorities by the day of week. you can see
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our busiest day of the week by far is tuesday. yesterday was a tuesday and it was busy. below, the second graph is an ab and c priority call total and you will see the busiest day for all 3 categories is tuesdays. we had a total of 11,000, over a calls and b and c priority calls last year. this slide will give you an idea of a b and a b and c priority calls by the time of day you can see on the top slide that 1:00 in the morning is our top time for priority calls and b calls in the afternoon, c calls it's 10:00 in the evening.
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this slide will show you a priority calls broken out through the city. as you can see the mission district was no. 2 in the city with over 11,000 calls for service. we had 15 percent of a priority calls of service within san francisco. this next slide is a breakdown of a b and c priority calls in 2012 for the city. again you will see that mission station was no. 2 in the city just behind southern with almost 90,000 calls for service during the year. this slide is a synopsis of 2012, part one crimes. as you will see burglar, we saw a sharp rise in burglaries, part 1 crimes. wrong slide. as you will see the top slide
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shows a 50 percent rise in homicide. we had a 12 percent rise in rape, under 1 percent rise in robbery and 21 percent rise in aggravated assaults just over 10 percent rise for the year. this is property crimes: as you can see by this slide, we had a sharp increase in burglaries last year, 48 percent. we had a 7 percent rise in burglar theft for vehicles and dropped in larceny or other thefts and we had a 28 percent rise in motor vehicle theft. one thing i would like to say on burglaries, we were seeing in early part of the year, a lot of the garage burglaries where bikes were being stolen. that's what
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accounted for a large burglary jump. this slide will show you a break down of all of those crimes and what percentage of the crimes that are going on in the district. as you can see our largest is larceny at 38 percent, burglar theft for vehicle 20 percent, motor vehicle 13, robbery 9, burglar 9 and followed by rape and homicide which were less than 1 percent. now, for arrest last year. our homicide arrest stayed neutral, our rape arrest were down to 42 percent, aggravate assault 23 percent, burglar waus up 88 percent, larceny we were down
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21 and motor vehicle theft 31 and just over 2 percent. that was last year. i just want to give you a quick synopsis for how we are looking this year. homicide we are down 100 percent, rapes were down 50 percent, robberies were up 24 percent, we saw a spike in robberies in february, we've been conducting an enforcement plan to address those and we've been experiencing an actual drop. so we've had some success with that. aggravated assault down 20 percent, burglary down 4 percent, burglary for vehicles down, motor vehicle down 5 percent and almost a 20 percent drop for the first quarter of the year.
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part 1, arrest, i really want to take a second just to highlight some of the good work that's being done by the officers out there. it's really reflected in these stats. we have fantastic group of men and women out there on the mission. it makes my job easier. they are going oun there every night and handling these calls for service and it does very good self initiated arrest. homicide we have had no arrest because we've had no homicide this year. rape is a zero percent. robbery is a whopping 445 percent right. we have arrested 50 people for robbery cases this year. aggravated assault up 74 percent in our arrest, burglar down 39 percent, larceny 15 percent and motor
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vehicle theft -- a total rise in 47 percent in our arrest for crimes. certain trending in a positive direction, crime is down 20 percent and arrest almost over 47 percent. >> this slide will give you an idea of the enforcement operations that we run here in the mission. i'm not going through each one but they include operations to target burglaries, crimes on munis, robbery and traffic enforcement and profile operations. this slide will show you some of our efforts to get guns off the street last year. last year mission station officers seized 112 guns. that was the second highest total in the city behind bay view. so 13 percent from the district station, 112
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weapons. obviously we focused on getting those weapons off the street to prevent those violent crimes. we can talk for a minute about bicycle theft. as a mentioned earlier, bicycle theft accounted for some of our burglarize that we were experiencing last year. bicycle thefts occur citywide but the mission of being such an active place for bicyclist. we do see quite a bit of bicycle thefts. between 2011-2012 we dropped slightly. one of the efforts that we used in combating the problem is you do enforcement operation but we find is education. we hosted 2 bike
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theft workshops and first held at the mission station and second in part with google downtown. in those workshops, we had members of our investigation team and talked about how we investigate bike theft and talking about a garage security. we had members of the san francisco bicycle safety committee, we had members from valencia cycleary about how to lock your bicycles and talked about bike safety. and it was really effective. our second one was much bigger than the first one and we hope to host more this year. this next slide, i would like to talk about building partnerships with the community wechl -- we chose this slide because it's a timely one. you may have read about it in the san francisco guardian about
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two weeks ago. these are gang intervention officers. they have been for approximately year-and-a-half to two years working on a program with supervisor campos's office with getting the at most risk youth out there and offer them an alternative, working, getting them a job and on the other side of it is they have agreed not to be out on the street and in those situation where they can get themselves into trouble. it's been a small program but relatively successful program and we continue to work at that. we also design and implement a second preventative program to target youth that get involved in that recruitment stage. it's aimed at educateing the youth and how to keep away from gangs
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and how to avoid being a target from recruitment from gangs and meeting with the youth later with their parents to really focus on that bond with family and education and keeping on that right path. we started out as a pilot program in the fall with james middle school and we had about 30 families and it's very well received and we hope to continue that next year. let's talk a little bit about 16th and mission. it's our area where we see really our highest calls for service. this particular slide shows you a slice of time of september 15-december 31st. we had a total of 323 calls for service within that 500 foot radius of that area. of those calls and
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the frequency response were 85 to intersection of 17th and mission . we respond to a wide range of calls to this mission. the next slide shows incidents and arrest from january to december 2012. shows incidents for that radius. of these incidents 48 percent, 476 of the reports were taken at 16th and mission. we had 503 arrest occurring and 48 percent of those arrest were actually at that intersection of 16th and mission. enforcement: what we've done in the area of 16th and mission is focused on high profile enforcement to reduce criminal activity. we have assigned our daily beats in there as well as
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conduct regular joint operations with bart police and adult probation and parole and we've also conducted code enforcement efforts in the area, narcotics within the area and work with local merchants to address the issues. just to give you an idea of where we are trending towards this year, we've made 120 arrest for our efforts in this district just for this quarter. the next slide we are going to talk about engaging youth in the mission. yes that is an officer in the rabbit costume there. we have collaborated with the boys and girls club. one of our officers actually worked on procuring funds to fund an educational trip to washington, d.c., brooks, he did that last year and doing it
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again this year and we work with st. peter's school to fund for class sweat shirts. we had a conflict with the color and style. mission officers took the reigns and raised funds to get sweat shirts for those students. we provided interviews for their program. we hosted star kings elementary program. we coached our officers coached basketball and baseball. we've worked with merchants to facilitate christmas toy drives and participated in summer reading programs. the next slide will give you an idea of some of the events going on here in our mission. last year we hosted 217 special events. those were coordinated by our very capable sergeant chandler and they
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range from small block party street closures all the way up to large events which the carnival, pride, sin cinco de mayo and halloween. this next slide will give you an idea of some of the neighborhood a lielgs that alliances that we have on the mission and work with these groups on a regular basis. the next slide will show you some of our community based organizations, many of whom we meet with and talk about various ways that we can connect with the officers and within the community. the next slide will show some of the community advisory board at mission station. we work on a variety of different issues that face us here in the mission, we are currently
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working towards a program, working towards getting help for nibt -- thank you for your attention. i hope you understand the mission here and i will be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you very much captain moezer. that was a very thorough presentation . what we ordinarily do is sometimes we have a few questions for the captains. we would like the
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community to ask questions? do we have any questions for captain? hearing none? it's your time to tell us p your concerns. we would like to hear about you. >> the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but within the subject matter of the jurisdiction of the commission. speaker is addressed to the group as a whole. not to personnel. the police commission rules of order, during public comment, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions made by the public but may provide a brief response. the personnel should reframe from entering in any debates. limit your comments to 3 minutes.
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>> president, commissioners, good evening and thanks for being here. it's heartwarming seeing you all here. i'm a native san francisco. i have lived in san francisco my entire life. i have now passed the half century mark. i'm here to bring something to your attention that has greatly disturbed me. in the and you aud audience i have a brother miguel gomez, he's a native of san francisco in the mission district as well. he's a homeowner with his wife in the mission district. union carpenter for 20 years and very much respected in our latino community and i want to say